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RCPA Advocates for Health and Human Services during 2024 Capitol Day

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 19, 2024
RCPA Advocates for Health and Human Services during 2024 Capitol Day

Today, March 19, RCPA hosted our 2024 Capitol Day inside the Main Rotunda. The rally focused on workforce issues within health and human services, as well as budget items addressed in Shapiro’s 2024/25 budget. RCPA President and CEO Richard Edley addressed the crowd, highlighting the continued need for funding, training, and assistance for those working in various areas of health and human services. Other organizations came to support our cause as well as to advocate for themselves, their families, and their loved ones.

Sherri Landis, Executive Director of The Arc of PA, spoke to the audience, while RCPA member Step by Step, Inc. showed up dressed in orange, ready to stand and offer their support. Legislators also took to the stand to speak about the ongoing crises occurring in health and human services. Representative Stephen Kinsey and Representative Doyle Heffley, Co-Chairs for the House Human Services Committee, conveyed their support, as did Representative Dan Miller, Representative Frank Farry, and Senator Art Haywood, Co-Chair for the Senate Health & Human Services Committee.

RCPA thanks everyone, from legislators and their staff to advocates representing their friends and families, for coming out and supporting our efforts today. We appreciate and admire the work you do for our communities and will continue to serve on your behalf. You can view our 2024 legislative and administrative priorities on our website.

By Samantha Johnson

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