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Reasons why a new business in Phoenix was forced to change its name

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 2, 2024
Reasons why a new business in Phoenix was forced to change its name

A restaurant along Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix recently changed its name just one month after opening. The owner, Angel Gould, expressed that the concept of the restaurant is to provide comfort food at affordable prices in Downtown Phoenix. Initially called ‘Lovesack,’ the restaurant had to rebrand to ‘Lovebite’ after receiving a threat of a lawsuit from a furniture company with a similar name.

Gould mentioned that they had followed all necessary procedures, including passing a trade commission review, only to face objections from the furniture company on the last day they could object. The situation escalated, with the company sending increasingly aggressive letters. Gould initially wanted to fight back, but the cost of legal battles became prohibitive.

To determine the new name, Gould placed a suggestion box in the restaurant and received over 2,000 responses. The chosen name ‘Lovebite’ came from an anonymous customer who suggested replacing ‘sack’ with ‘bite.’ While the situation was disappointing, Gould noted the lesson learned about legal battles, even when everything was done correctly. Despite reaching out to the furniture company for comment, no response has been received as of now.

By Samantha Johnson

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