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Record-Breaking Heat: Chile’s Wildfire and the World’s Warmest February on Record

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
February 2021 breaks the record for hottest month ever recorded worldwide

Chile faced a severe wildfire earlier this year, with the planet experiencing its hottest February on record. According to a bulletin from the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), global temperatures rose 1.77°C above the pre-industrial average for the month, marking the ninth month in a row to set a monthly heat record.

The continuous warming of the climate system is leading to new temperature extremes, with Europe seeing particularly anomalous heat in February. Average temperatures rose 3.3°C above the monthly average for 1991 to 2020, leading to fires in North and South America, including the deadliest wildfire in Chile’s history. Conditions were unusually warm across much of the world’s land masses.

Ocean heat was also extreme, with the average global sea surface temperature in February edging out August 2023 for the hottest month at sea on record. The record heat on land and in the oceans is primarily due to rising concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, combined with the influence of the El Niño climate pattern in the Pacific Ocean. A reduction in reflective aerosols due to lower air pollution also contributed to the heat.

Carlo Buontempo at C3S stated that while historically, El Niño years tend to be hotter than average due to increased ocean temperatures caused by changes in atmospheric circulation patterns, this year’s El Niño event was not as strong as expected and may weaken and give way to a cooler La Niña by mid-year. However, immediate relief may not be seen as immediate effects are likely only after it weakens further or even dissipates completely.

By Samantha Johnson

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