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Record-Breaking Sprint Race at the Canmore World Cup: Women’s Finals to Start at 21:00 CET


Feb 10, 2024
Women’s Sprint Qualifier at the Canmore World Cup

The Canmore World Cup is currently underway in Canada, with the second event taking place on Saturday, February 10. The sprint race in freestyle technique will be the highlight of the day, featuring some of the best skiers from around the world. In the sprint qualifier, Jonna Sundling (SWE) clocked the fastest time, setting a new record.

The top 30 skiers have qualified for the sprint finals, and the women’s sprint final is scheduled to start at 21:00 CET. Here is a complete list of the top 10 women qualifiers:

– Jonna Sundling (SWE), 2:40.23

– Linn Svahn (SWE), +2.20

– Kristine Stavås Skistad (NOR), +5.57

– Tiril Udnes Weng (NOR), +6.37

– Johanna Hagström (SWE), +6.83

– Jessie Diggins (USA), +6.84

– Maja Dahlqvist (SWE), +7.09

– Jasmin Kahara (FIN), +7.63

– Jasmi Joensuu (FIN), +7.78

– Mathilde Myhrvold (NOR), +8.41

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