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Regional high school science fair hosted by NSU

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 21, 2024
Regional high school science fair hosted by NSU

The Aberdeen area semifinals for science fair students took place at Northern State University on Thursday. Winners of this competition will move on to the national competition in Los Angeles in May. Allen Scott from the Aberdeen newsroom reported on the impressive work displayed by the students.

Students nervously awaited judgement on their science fair projects as they stood by them at the event. The director of the event, Dr. Jodie Ramsay, mentioned that students from a 90-mile radius, including those from Sisseton and Summit, participated in the fair. This year, there were 11 schools, 180 students, and 143 projects showcased.

Dr. Ramsay, who has been involved with the event for 22 years, noted the impact of technology on student projects over the years. She highlighted the use of technology like 3D printing in creating impressive projects.

One standout project focused on bacteria and was deemed by a judge as PhD material. Another project researched the science behind luminol, a substance often used in crime TV shows to detect traces of blood. Participants like Katelyn Schroeder and Isabel Gilbert explained their interest in crime TV shows led them to investigate luminol further.

The event, which was previously the venue for the State B Basketball Championship, now plays host to the science fair competition. As students present their projects to judges, the anticipation of who will win a prize and advance to the national competition in Los Angeles is high.

By Samantha Johnson

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