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Report: TikTok has the ability to confiscate workers’ stock for speaking negatively about the company

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 11, 2024
Report: TikTok has the ability to confiscate workers’ stock for speaking negatively about the company

There is a shareholder agreement in place at TikTok that prevents employees from making critical, adverse, or disparaging comments about the company. According to a report by Fortune, those who hold restricted stock units could lose their shares if they speak negatively about TikTok. This provision in the agreement has raised concerns among employees, with one former worker claiming he was not included in a recent buyback offer because he criticized the agreement on LinkedIn.

TikTok has not responded to requests for comment on the matter, but there is growing support for a potential ban on the app. A bill addressing the security of users’ data has gained traction in Congress, with lawmakers considering either selling off or shutting down TikTok. President Joe Biden has indicated he would sign the bill if it reaches his desk, while former President Donald Trump, who previously tried to ban the app, is now focusing his attention on other tech companies.

Amidst this controversy, TikTok has encouraged its users to call their representatives and express their opposition to the proposed bill. However, this tactic has reportedly backfired, overwhelming lawmakers with calls and potentially undermining the company’s efforts to resist a ban. The uncertainty surrounding TikTok’s future, combined with the restrictions placed on employees’ speech, has created a challenging environment for those associated with the popular social media platform.

By Samantha Johnson

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