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Reports: Ukraine Strikes Factory Fixing 2 Lost Russian Spy Planes

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 11, 2024
Reports: Ukraine Strikes Factory Fixing 2 Lost Russian Spy Planes

Ukraine conducted drone strikes on an aircraft plant in southern Russia, where reports indicate the plant is refurbishing A-50 spy planes crucial to Russia’s operations over Ukraine. A Ukrainian lawmaker claimed that an A-50 aircraft at the plant was damaged during the attack. The plant, located in Taganrog, was targeted overnight on Friday.

The Beriev Aircraft Plant is reported to be refurbishing and modernizing A-50s, Russia’s crucial spy planes, after Ukraine shot down two of the valuable but scarce aircraft according to the Institute for the Study of War. Satellite imagery shows damage at the facility after the reported drone strikes. Russian authorities stated that they intercepted 41 Ukrainian drones over Rostov Oblast during the attack.

Sources claim that the plant was repairing an A-50 that had been previously damaged in a drone attack, possibly at the Machulishchi Air Base in Minsk, Belarus in February 2023. Ukrainian lawmaker Oleksiy Goncharenko stated that the Taganrog plant was heavily damaged and that an A-50 aircraft near the facility was either destroyed or significantly damaged. However, these claims could not be independently verified.

Satellite imagery showed a Russian A-50 at the facility about a week before the drone strike, but it is unclear if it was present during the attack. The A-50 is a radar early-warning aircraft used by Russia to detect Ukrainian missiles and identify ground targets. With only a limited supply of A-50s, Ukrainian defense officials estimated that Russia has only six remaining. The UK Ministry of Defence suggested that Russia may have grounded its A-50 fleet due to significant losses.

By Samantha Johnson

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