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Researchers at the university test cutting-edge wind tunnel technology: ‘The future is now’

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 23, 2024
Researchers at the university test cutting-edge wind tunnel technology: ‘The future is now’

The wind energy industry is still in its early stages, with many commercial-scale wind turbines already in operation. Researchers are working to determine the most efficient ways to harvest wind energy. At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, researchers Saif Al Hamad and Omar Shaker are using advanced technology to design and test wind turbines. They use a wind tunnel and a 3D printer to test various shapes and designs for turbines. Al Hamad analyzes data from a horizontal axis wind turbine inside the tunnel to ensure reliability before scaling up to residential size.

The goal of this research is to create more efficient wind turbines that can help reduce energy costs and move away from polluting energy sources like gas, coal, and oil. The focus on wind energy is due to its potential as an endless source of clean, renewable energy. Shaker emphasizes the reliability of wind energy as long as there is continuous wind or if turbines are placed offshore.

The researchers aim to reduce combustion and CO emissions by promoting wind energy as one of the cleanest energy sources available. Ryo Amano, director of UW-Milwaukee’s Industrial Assessment Center, stresses the importance of engaging students in activities involving updated technologies like wind energy. These efforts towards harnessing wind energy could have a significant impact on sustainability and environmental conservation. Subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates on the latest innovations improving our lives and the planet.

By Samantha Johnson

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