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Resilience Launches New Technology Errors & Omissions Coverage for U.S. Organizations: Protecting from Liabilities Associated with Tech Products and Services

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
California’s Resilience Leads to Introduction of Technology E&O Coverage

Resilience, a cyber risk management firm based in San Francisco, California, has announced the launch of a Technology Errors & Omissions coverage for U.S. organizations with revenues ranging from $300 million to $10 billion. This coverage provides limits of up to $10 million for both primary and excess placements, making it an addition to Resilience’s existing cyber insurance offering. The company aims to help clients mitigate and cover liability related to technology products and services.

Resilience offers a range of cybersecurity solutions including risk quantification software, cybersecurity experts, and insurance services through its licensed and appointed insurance agency. The company has offices across the globe including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Toronto, London, and Dublin.

With this new coverage option, Resilience continues to provide comprehensive protection for its clients in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Its experienced team is dedicated to helping clients protect themselves from potential liabilities associated with technology products and services.

Overall, this new Technology Errors & Omissions coverage from Resilience is an important step in managing risks associated with technology products and services for U.S. organizations of all sizes.

By Samantha Johnson

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