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Review of Tierra Whack’s World Wide Whack: Witty, Wild, and Heartfelt – A Rap Masterpiece

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 17, 2024
Review of Tierra Whack’s World Wide Whack: Witty, Wild, and Heartfelt – A Rap Masterpiece

Tierra Whack, the Philadelphia rapper often hailed as her generation’s answer to Missy Elliott, is known not only for her impressive lyrical skills but also for her dedication to maintaining a sense of playfulness and goofiness in her music. Her debut mini-album, Whack World, released in 2018, featured 15 one-minute tracks that showcased her versatility across different genres. Following this, she released a series of EPs and standalone singles that further solidified her unique musical style.

Last year, a thrilling and humorous documentary about Whack, titled Cypher, received critical acclaim and shed light on the artist’s unconventional rise to fame. Building on this momentum, Whack is gearing up for the release of her official debut LP, World Wide Whack. The album includes tracks like “Chanel Pit,” which explores her unique scent, “Shower Song,” a funky tune about singing in the shower, and “27 Club,” a poignant song reflecting on her life at age 28.

While tracks like “Ms Behave” showcase Whack’s ability to switch between different vocal styles with ease, others like “Difficult” and “Numb” delve into darker and more introspective themes. The song “Imaginary Friends” delves into even deeper emotional territory, adding layers of complexity to Whack’s already multi-faceted artistry. Overall, World Wide Whack presents a multi-textured and multi-hued portrait of an artist who, while embracing a playful approach to music, is unafraid to explore the shadowy corners of her psyche.

By Samantha Johnson

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