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Revolutionizing Business License Oversight in Montevallo: Changes Coming to Downtown Area Businesses

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Montevallo updates their business license application process

In Montevallo, Alabama, changes are being made to the business license ordinance with a focus on certain types of businesses in a specific area of the city. The new ordinance requires businesses such as pawn shops, CBD stores, tattoo parlors and payday loans to follow a new application process to obtain a business license in the downtown area.

City leaders emphasize that these changes are not intended to prevent these types of businesses from operating in Montevallo. Instead, the new requirements aim to ensure that businesses locating in the downtown area meet specific criteria. This added step in the application process will involve a review by the city council rather than just the revenue officer.

It’s important to note that this ordinance only applies to businesses in the downtown area of Montevallo and is not city-wide. The city clerk, Steve Gilbert, explained that existing businesses of the specified types will not be affected by these changes, only new businesses seeking a license.

The updates are part of the city’s efforts to enhance oversight and the quality of businesses in the downtown area. By requiring a more thorough review process, Montevallo is working to maintain a vibrant and diverse business community while also ensuring that businesses meet certain standards.

By Samantha Johnson

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