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Revolutionizing Daily Life: Sam Altman Ranks ChatGPT as the Most Impressive Technology Since iPhone, Unimpressed with Apple’s Vision Pro


Feb 10, 2024
Sam Altman Ranks Vision Pro as 2nd Most Impressive Technology Since iPhone

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, has ranked the company’s ChatGPT as the “most impressive technology” since the invention of the iPhone. According to Altman, ChatGPT has the potential to change lives in a way that the iPhone did in 2007. He hopes to integrate it into daily life and use it as a smart assistant.

On the other hand, Altman does not seem impressed with Apple’s Vision Pro, which he considers to be only the “second most impressive” technology. He believes that changing its name may no longer be feasible since it is now widely recognized. The Vision Pro is a mixed reality headset that can be controlled by the user’s fingers and eyes, and according to Business Insider representative Jordan Hart, it has the potential to revolutionize the future and become the next normal.

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