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Revolutionizing Putting Performance: Golf Pride Introduces Reverse Taper Putter Grip with Advanced Technology

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Golf Pride unveils innovative putter grip featuring reverse taper technology

Golf Pride, a renowned manufacturer of golf performance equipment, has recently launched a new putter grip featuring Reverse Taper Technology. This innovative design aims to optimize the performance of both hands during the putting stroke, helping to square the clubface at impact. The Reverse Taper putter grips will be available for purchase at retail and golf course locations starting from April 15, as well as online at golfpride.com.

The Reverse Taper grip boasts a unique design with a slimmer upper half and a wider lower section, which helps to anchor the top hand for stability and reduce tension in the lower hand for a smoother stroke. It also prevents micro-levers in the stroke, preventing players from flipping their wrists at impact. Made from polyurethane, the grip offers the right softness, texture, and weight to provide consistency and confidence to golfers’ hands.

Golf Pride’s new product is not just functional but also visually appealing with its vibrant color palette and visual cues that aid finger placement regardless of how a player likes to grip their putter. James Ledford, President of Golf Pride, stated that while manufacturers have been focusing on removing hands from the putting process, Golf Pride believes that optimizing the connection between the hands and grip can significantly improve performance.

The Reverse Taper grip is only Golf Pride’s second product to be conceptualized, designed, and tested at their state-of-the-art Global Innovation Center in Pinehurst, NC. For more information about Golf Pride and their products, customers can visit their website or follow them on social media platforms like Instagram

By Samantha Johnson

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