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Revolutionizing Road Safety: Waze Introduces New Features to Keep Drivers Safe and Informed

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Discover the latest enhancements in the Waze app

Waze is introducing several new features that will make driving safer and more convenient for users worldwide. These updates, which are available on Android and iOS platforms, include early alerts for speed limit decreases, traffic circles, emergency vehicle presence, and accident-prone roads.

Starting this month, drivers will receive notifications in advance of any upcoming speed limit decreases along their route. This feature will enable them to adjust their speed accordingly and react safely to changing road conditions. Additionally, Waze has introduced input from the community to help drivers navigate traffic circles clearly. This new feature will launch globally this month for Android users, followed by iOS users later this year.

In addition to hazard warnings like potholes and bad weather, early alerts now also include information about sharp bends, bumps, speed changes, toll booths

By Samantha Johnson

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