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Revving Up: Beijing’s Push for Self-Reliance in Tech Through Science and Research

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Xi Jinping Encourages Scientists to Advance in the Tech Battle during China’s ‘Two Sessions’

Beijing is increasing efforts to achieve self-reliance in the tech sector, with Xi Jinping emphasizing the importance of improving basic research and applying it effectively to advance key technologies and foster new sources of intellectual productivity. During a panel discussion at the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Xi sought practical advice from top scientists on reforming the system, including talent development and the use of incentives for innovation. This marks his first participation in a science and tech panel discussion at the CPPCC in over a decade.

As tensions between China and the United States continue to escalate, Beijing is focused on leveraging scientific innovation to help revive its economy post-pandemic. The CPPCC science and technology group, consisting of 43 members, includes leading experts in fields crucial to China’s ambitions such as missile weapon control theory, mathematics, and reproductive medicine. The Chinese leadership is not only focused on countering US restrictions on Chinese access to advanced technologies but also on accelerating developments in sectors dependent on scientific and technological advancements such as new-energy vehicles and biomanufacturing.

The draft budget report released by the finance ministry reflects this commitment to scientific development, with a 10% increase in spending on science and technology this year amounting to 370.8 billion yuan (US$51.5 billion). With these efforts in place, China is well positioned to stay ahead of the curve in the tech race between itself and the United States.

By Samantha Johnson

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