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Rising Star Samir Redden Takes Home Fourth-Place Medal in State Wrestling Championships

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Samir Redden, Top Wrestler from the Suncoast, Named ABC7 Sports Athlete of the Week in Florida

Samir Redden, a senior at Booker High School, has excelled both on the wrestling mat and in the classroom. In the recent FHSAA State Championships in Kissimmee, Florida, he was crowned one of the top wrestlers in the 120-pound weight class. Despite being relatively new to wrestling compared to others, Redden finished the state tournament on the podium and earned a fourth-place medal with pride.

Redden’s coach, Mr. Shane Hamm, praised his student’s commitment, dedication and drive to reach such a high level of competition in a short amount of time. He commended Redden for his hard work both on and off the mat and stated that his recognition as athlete of the week is well deserved.

Booker High School’s athletic director and head football coach, Scottie Littles, described Redden as a student-athlete who has dedicated countless hours to his sport. Littles highlighted Redden’s accomplishments and noted that he has earned every accolade that has come his way. Redden himself shared his plans for the future; mentioning that he has already received a scholarship offer from Jarvis Christian University. He intends to pursue a college education in business and photography while continuing his wrestling career.

Samir Redden’s impressive achievements and exemplary work ethic have earned him the title of ABC7 Sports Athlete of the Week. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and students alike, showcasing

By Samantha Johnson

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