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Rochester Museum & Science Center generously gives 32,000 eclipse glasses to Rochester schools.

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 21, 2024
Rochester Museum & Science Center generously gives 32,000 eclipse glasses to Rochester schools.

The Rochester Museum & Science Center has generously donated 32,000 eclipse glasses to the City School District in preparation for the upcoming April 8 solar eclipse. This donation, estimated to be worth $80,000, was gratefully accepted by the Rochester Board of Education during a vote on Tuesday. School board members expressed their excitement and gratitude for this gift, highlighting the educational value it will bring to students and educators in Rochester.

Board member Camille Simmons exclaimed, “Yay! That’s exciting,” underscoring the positive impact this donation will have on the community. Similarly, board member Amy Maloy emphasized the potential for inspiring future careers in physics and astronomy as a result of this generous gift. The donation of 32,000 eclipse glasses, equivalent to 320 pounds, highlights the scale of this contribution.

RMSC’s eclipse partnership coordinator, Dan Schneiderman, shared that the district staff had to carry 10 boxes of glasses in late January, noting that “the cart was almost buckling underneath it.” The safety-certified lenses of these glasses are essential for viewing the sun safely during the eclipse. Maloy stressed the importance of using specialty eclipse glasses over sunglasses, further emphasizing the significance of this donation for educational purposes.

It is noted that Rochester will not witness a total solar eclipse until the year 2144, making this event all the more special for students and educators in the area. The generosity of the Rochester Museum & Science Center in providing these eclipse glasses ensures that every student and teacher can safely view this rare celestial event without missing out.

By Samantha Johnson

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