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RTD implements advanced technology for track maintenance in extreme weather conditions

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 13, 2024
RTD implements advanced technology for track maintenance in extreme weather conditions

With severe weather forecasted for the Denver metro area this week, RTD is taking precautions and preparing for potentially challenging conditions. As a public transportation service covering over 2,000 square miles in eight Colorado counties and serving more than 3 million people, RTD is focused on ensuring the safety and comfort of its riders.

Commuters often find waiting on train and bus platforms during severe weather to be a difficult experience. RTD provides shelters for riders, carefully monitors these areas, and offers severe weather training to bus operators. Additionally, the system utilizes new technology to keep operations running smoothly in adverse weather conditions. Crews strategically work to address challenges like snow accumulation and icy wires to maintain efficient service.

Continuous efforts are made to ensure a high level of service quality, and a recent customer excellence survey revealed that 75% of riders are satisfied with RTD. For updates on potential delays or disruptions during severe weather, riders are encouraged to check RTD’s website or app. Stay informed with the latest news, weather, sports, and streaming video, by visiting FOX31 Denver.

By Samantha Johnson

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