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Russia and China eye moon-based nuclear reactor for lunar settlements: expert

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Plan to Place Nuclear Reactor on Moon: Russia and China collaborate for historic project

Russia and China are considering placing a nuclear reactor on the moon between 2033 and 2035 to support future lunar settlements, according to Yuri Borisov, the director of the Russian space agency Roskosmos. Borisov, a former deputy defense minister, stated that the two countries have been collaborating on a lunar program for some time, with Moscow providing expertise in nuclear space energy.

Currently, Russia has 11 active nuclear power plants, while China has 55 nuclear reactors in operation. Borisov emphasized that solar panels may not generate enough electricity to sustain future lunar settlements, making nuclear energy a viable alternative. He confirmed that the project would need to be completed without human presence involved.

Borisov also revealed Russia’s plans to build a nuclear-powered cargo spaceship, although cooling the nuclear reactor remains a challenge to be addressed. Describing the cargo spacecraft as a massive structure equipped with a nuclear reactor and powerful turbines, Borisov explained that it would transport heavy payloads between orbits, collect space debris, and perform various tasks. Despite Russia’s recent setback in its lunar mission with the Luna-25 spacecraft crashing after losing control, the country remains committed to advancing its space exploration efforts.

By Samantha Johnson

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