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Russia Plans to Install Nuclear Power Plant on the Moon by 2035, Collaborating with China in Space Exploration

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Russia and China Plan to Build a Nuclear Power Plant on the Moon by 2035

The Russian space agency Roscosmos, led by Yuri Borisov, has announced plans to install a nuclear power plant on the Moon by 2035. This ambitious initiative is seen as a significant development in space exploration and represents a major step towards establishing human settlements on the lunar surface.

Borisov emphasized the importance of collaboration between Russia and China in the lunar program, highlighting Russian expertise in nuclear space energy as a key factor. He argued that solar panels alone would not be sufficient to meet the energy demands of future lunar settlements, making nuclear energy a viable solution.

The project involves delivering and installing a power unit on the Moon in partnership with Chinese counterparts. While this presents several challenges and risks, including carrying out the mission without human presence, it is seen as an important milestone in space exploration.

Roscosmos is also exploring other ambitious projects, such as developing a nuclear-powered cargo spacecraft capable of transporting large payloads between orbits and collecting space debris. Despite facing setbacks in recent years, including the failed Luna-25 mission in 2023, Russia remains committed to its ambitious space exploration plans.

Meanwhile, China has expressed its intention to send the first Chinese astronaut to the Moon, underscoring its commitment to space exploration. However, there are concerns about Russia’s development of a new anti-satellite weapon that could potentially pose a threat to satellites of allied nations. The US has raised concerns about this development and believes it could be part of a space-related nuclear system.

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By Samantha Johnson

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