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Safe Levels of Exposure for Brief Periods


Nov 19, 2023

The site of the world’s most infamous nuclear disaster, Chernobyl, has been abandoned since the reactor meltdown of 1986 due to radiation contamination. Despite this, Ukraine now plans to repurpose Chernobyl, turning it into a wind farm that can generate power once again.

The current plan is to transform Chernobyl into a one-gigawatt wind farm, which would be one of the largest in Europe. At full capacity, the wind farm could power up to 800,000 homes in nearby Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. However, there are still concerns about the safety of workers spending time in the radiated zone, as there is still radioactive material in the atmosphere, but at tolerable levels.

Despite these concerns, Chernobyl offers several benefits for the wind farm project. The area already has a lot of power plant infrastructure in place, and no residents will be displaced as the radiation zone is essentially a ghost town. Furthermore, the rehabilitation of Chernobyl into a modern power plant that produces clean, renewable energy has a symbolic significance, providing clean and climate-friendly energy to Kyiv.

Oleksandr Krasnolutskyi, Ukraine’s deputy ecology minister, stated that Chernobyl could become a symbol of clean and climate-friendly energy. Overall, the project aims to benefit the environment while providing sustainable energy for Ukraine’s capital.

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