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Sam Altman’s Mission to Persuade Hollywood that Sora Won’t Ruin Films

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 29, 2024
Sam Altman’s Mission to Persuade Hollywood that Sora Won’t Ruin Films

Sam Altman is working to assure Hollywood executives that his latest AI tool will not be detrimental to the movie industry. OpenAI, co-founded by Altman, unveiled its video generator called Sora in February. This tool is currently not available to the public and is specifically designed to generate realistic videos based on user prompts. Sora is capable of creating videos up to a minute long with complex scenes, multiple characters, specific motion, and accurate details.

Altman and Brad Lightcap, OpenAI’s chief operating officer, recently met with Hollywood executives from Paramount, Universal, and Warner Bros. Discovery to discuss Sora. The purpose of these meetings was to seek assistance from the studios in launching Sora. While some studios were open to the idea of using the tool in production as it could potentially save time and money, OpenAI did not move forward with formal agreements.

Concerns about the impact of AI on the creative industries have been raised in light of issues such as actors’ and writers’ strikes, which occurred last year. Filmmaker Tyler Perry has expressed his apprehension about AI’s influence on the industry and even halted an expansion of one of his production studios due to Sora.

In addition to Sora, other text-to-video tools are being developed by competitors such as the Google-backed startup Runway, Meta’s Emu Video, and Google’s Lumiere. On Monday, Sora released its first third-party videos, showcasing flying pigs and an underwater fashion show. With the emergence of these AI tools, the movie industry is facing new challenges and opportunities in the realm of content creation.

By Samantha Johnson

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