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Samsung to adopt SK Hynix technology for AI chip production

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 13, 2024
Samsung to adopt SK Hynix technology for AI chip production

Samsung Electronics is quickly advancing in the race to develop advanced AI chips and is reportedly adopting chipmaking technology from its competitor. Reuters reports that the company is changing its current chipmaking approach to align with that of SK Hynix, a key competitor in the industry. While Samsung has not made deals with Nvidia, the world’s biggest AI chip firm, to supply it with high bandwidth memory (HBM) chips, SK Hynix has successfully transitioned to the mass reflow molded underfill (MR-MUF) chipmaking method to avoid production issues.

Samsung has faced challenges with its non-conductive film (NCF) chipmaking technology, which has caused it to fall behind its rivals. The company recently acquired chipmaking technology to support the MR-MUF method and has begun discussions to source necessary materials. Although Samsung denied rumors that it will apply MR-MUF to its HBM production, it stated that its NCF chipmaking technology remains the optimal solution for its new HBM3E chips for processing AI data.

While Samsung claims to have a stable yield rate for its chip production, analysts estimate that its yields are significantly lower than those of SK Hynix. Additionally, both Samsung and SK Hynix, key players in memory chipmaking, have halted the sale of used chipmaking equipment on the secondary market. Instead, they are storing the equipment in warehouses to comply with U.S. export controls and sanctions on China and Russia in an effort to prevent the advancement of AI and military technology in these countries. These measures were put in place in response to restrictions imposed in 2022 and further reinforced by the Biden administration to slow China’s progress in these critical areas.

By Samantha Johnson

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