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Sanctions Against Russia Must be Expanded for the Sawmill Industry

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 12, 2024
Sanctions Against Russia Must be Expanded for the Sawmill Industry

The sawmill industry association Sahateollisuus ry is calling for expanded sanctions against Russia due to the continued export of Russian wood products to Japan. The European Union has already banned the import of wood and wood products from Russia following its attack on Ukraine in February 2022. Before the sanctions took effect, major forest companies had already announced they would cease importing wood from Russia. Sahateollisuus ry is now advocating for Japan to be included in the embargo against Russia, emphasizing the need for active efforts by the EU to persuade Japan to stop importing Russian lumber and glulam.

Japan is considered one of the most important markets for wood products globally, with a market size exceeding five billion euros. In 2023, Russia held nearly 15 percent of the market share in Japan. The CEO of the Sawmill Industry Association, Tino Aalto, stresses the urgency of cutting off the flow of Russian sawn timber to Japan, highlighting the significant opportunities this market presents for Russia’s industry during the current conflict. Japan is also a key market for Finnish sawmill industry, with a substantial amount of lumber and glulam exported to the country annually.

The value of Finnish wood products exports to Japan in 2023 was nearly 300 million euros, showing the significance of the market for both Finland and Russia. The European sawmill industry associations, represented by EOS, have also joined the call for expanded sanctions against Russia. The implications of Russian wood product exports to Japan are far-reaching, making it crucial for international efforts to prevent further support to Russia’s wood industry through Japanese imports.

By Samantha Johnson

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