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Scholz aims to revive the “government’s collective spirit”.

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 20, 2024
Scholz aims to revive the “government’s collective spirit”.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz is emphasizing the importance of unity within his traffic light coalition despite the differences among the parties involved. At the anniversary reception for 50 years of the Seeheimer Kreis in Berlin, Scholz highlighted how the SPD, which was once divided, has now come together in government work. He expressed his desire for this unity to extend to the cooperation within the government as a whole.

Scholz pointed out that the success of the SPD is due to everyone sticking together and working towards common goals. He suggested that other parties could benefit from this experience and encouraged fostering a spirit of collaboration across the entire government. The Chancellor emphasized the importance of the findings from the SPD’s unity in government work being applied to the broader coalition.

The Seeheimer Kreis, considered the conservative wing of the SPD parliamentary group, has been a part of the party since its founding in 1974. Scholz, who joined the SPD in 1975, has a long history with the party and understands the value of unity in achieving success. By advocating for cooperation and unity within the government, Scholz hopes to bring the traffic light coalition closer together and work towards common objectives.

By Samantha Johnson

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