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Senate Health Chairman opposes school vaccination exemptions as colleagues approve bill

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 10, 2024
Senate Health Chairman opposes school vaccination exemptions as colleagues approve bill

The Senate Health Committee chairman, Mike Maroney, strongly opposed a bill that would loosen vaccination requirements in some West Virginia schools. Despite his passionate speech against the bill, his colleagues passed it with a 20-12 vote. The bill was now returning to the House of Delegates, where it had previously passed, with only a few hours left in the legislative session due to revisions that were made.

House Bill 5105 aimed to eliminate vaccination requirements for students in virtual public schools and give private and parochial schools the authority to establish their own standards. A provision allowing parents to claim a religious exemption to vaccination requirements was removed by the senators.

Throughout the legislative process, West Virginia medical professionals criticized the bill, emphasizing the effectiveness and importance of immunizations. Dr. Lisa Costello, a pediatrician at WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital, testified to the Senate Health Committee about the benefits of vaccines in saving lives. Reports of measles outbreaks in various states added to concerns about loosening vaccination requirements.

During the voting on the Senate floor, Maroney expressed his opposition to the bill, highlighting the success of vaccines in reducing preventable deaths. He noted that the current generation advocating for such legislation did not experience the fear and struggles that earlier generations faced in obtaining vaccines. Maroney emphasized the significance of maintaining herd immunity and the crucial role vaccines played in achieving it.

By Samantha Johnson

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