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Shane Bieber, Guardians pitcher, to have season-ending surgery on elbow

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 6, 2024
Shane Bieber, Guardians pitcher, to have season-ending surgery on elbow

After playing eight games in the 2024 season, the Cleveland Guardians received heartbreaking news about one of their star players. Pitcher Shane Bieber will be undergoing surgery to reconstruct the ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow, forcing him to miss the rest of the season. The surgery will be performed by Dallas orthopedic surgeon Dr. Keith Meister at a yet-to-be-determined date.

Bieber, who will turn 29 in May, first felt pain in his elbow during the Opening Day game against the Oakland Athletics. Despite the discomfort, he managed to strike out 11 batters and allow only four hits over six innings. However, the pain persisted in his next game against the Seattle Mariners, where he still excelled with nine strikeouts in six scoreless innings. Further tests and scans revealed the extent of his injury, leading to the recommendation of Tommy John surgery.

Last season, Bieber also faced inflammation in his right elbow, which limited his playing time to 128 innings and 21 starts. This resulted in his lowest strikeout rate and second-highest ERA in the prior six seasons. The injury puts Bieber’s future with the Guardians in question, as he is set to become a free agent after the season and is expected to draw interest from teams seeking a top starting pitcher.

Despite the setback, Bieber has been a standout player in MLB over the past seven seasons, showcasing a 3.22 ERA, a 62–32 record, and an average of 10.2 strikeouts per nine innings. As of now, the Guardians currently hold a 6–2 record in the AL Central division, sitting just half a game behind the Detroit Tigers after the first week of the 2024 season.

By Samantha Johnson

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