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Shares reach five-year high at start of year, will the upward trend continue?

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 1, 2024
Shares reach five-year high at start of year, will the upward trend continue?

Finnish banks are optimistic about the continuation of the stock market’s strong performance after a robust start to the year. Stocks worldwide have shown significant gains in the beginning of the year, with one of the key factors being the anticipation of central banks cutting interest rates due to slowing inflation. The use of artificial intelligence is also contributing to the rise in stock prices.

The upcoming results season in April has created some tension in the stock market. Chief asset management strategist Antti Saari from Nordea believes that the positive profit outlook for companies, especially in the United States, may lead to further increases in share prices. The MSCI index, measuring the development of medium-sized company shares in 23 countries, has seen a 7.7 percent increase this year.

In contrast, the Helsinki Stock Exchange index has weakened, reflecting the slow economic growth in the euro area where many Finnish companies operate. However, the United States and Japan have shown strong economic growth, fueling optimism that the stock market will continue to rise. Danske Bank senior strategist Kaisa Kivipelto shares this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of inflation trends in central bank decision-making.

The slowdown in inflation is seen as a positive sign for the global economy, as it allows central banks to cut interest rates and stimulate growth. This can lead to increased consumption and investments. In the euro area and the United States, inflation rates have decreased, providing room for potential interest rate cuts. The outlook for the stock market is positive, with expectations of continued growth fueled by strong economic performance in key regions like the United States and Japan.

By Samantha Johnson

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