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Shocking Discovery in Airbnb Rental: Traveler Finds Body in Apartment in Strasbourg, France


Feb 12, 2024
Tourists discover body in Airbnb apartment during vacation

While on vacation in Strasbourg, France, a traveler made a horrifying discovery when they entered an Airbnb apartment in the suburb of Hoenheim, with 11,500 inhabitants. The body of a person was found inside the apartment, prompting the traveler to immediately call the police to report the gruesome finding.

According to French newspaper “Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace,” the landlord of the apartment had a friend who was the only other person with a key to the property besides the tenants. This friend had been taking care of renting and cleaning the apartment on behalf of the owner. It is unclear what caused his death, but authorities believe it may have been from natural causes. An autopsy is scheduled for this week to determine the exact cause of death.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no connection between this tragic incident and any other content in the article. As such, we have omitted it from our report for clarity purposes.

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