• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

SNCF Wage Talks: Two Unions Reach Agreement, While Others Remain at Impasse


Nov 21, 2023

The SNCF railway group has proposed a salary increase of 4.6% on average for its workers in 2024, including a 1.8% general increase and a commitment to raise low wages so that none of them are below the minimum wage of 1.1 euros. Two major unions, CFDT-Cheminots and Unsa-Ferroviaire, have both indicated their intention to sign the agreement.

The reformist unions weigh 42.67% of the votes against 57.33% for the CGT-Cheminots and SUD-Rail, who are opposed to the agreement. The CFDT-Cheminots have already announced their decision to sign the agreement after consulting members and management structures, while Unsa-Ferroviaire has also expressed its support for the proposal.

However, SUD-Rail has called on SNCF management to reopen negotiations due to what they consider weak proposals, while the CGT-Cheminots described them as indecent and contemptuous in view of the accumulated salary dispute. The unions have until November 22 to sign the agreement, but without a majority, SNCF did not ensure that it would be applied in full last year when only CFDT-Cheminots signed it despite lacking a majority.

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