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Southborough’s Transfer Station Undergoing Maintenance: Adjust Your Dumping Schedule and Plan Ahead

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
This Week’s Transfer Station Operations Reminder: Different from Normal Business Operations

This week, Southborough’s Transfer Station will undergo maintenance work, temporarily impacting normal operations. The repairs involve fixing the trash pit and are estimated to last one week, starting on Monday.

During this period, different rules and procedures will be put in place for dumping trash. Bins will be set up for refuse, but large items and loose trash will not be accepted. This may result in longer lines, especially on Saturday, March 9th. It is advised to plan ahead and potentially visit before or after the weekend.

The temporary procedure involves setting up small dumpsters near the transfer station building. Cars will unload their waste into these dumpsters, with only bagged trash or barrels being accepted. Safety is a top priority, and drivers are requested to be patient and follow directions from onsite attendants.

It is recommended to adjust schedules to visit on weekdays or be prepared for delays on Saturday. Additional personnel will be available to assist if needed. For any questions, individuals are encouraged to contact the DPW Office directly.

By Samantha Johnson

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