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Sports Nutrition Company Science in Sport Streamlines Operations for Financial Success: Review and Partnership with Eilish McColgan

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 6, 2024
Science in Sport at Gels Company Introduces New Team and Halts “Dash for Growth” in Major Review

Eilish McColgan, a Scottish runner representing the United Kingdom at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Australia, won the gold medal in the 10,000m event. Meanwhile, Science in Sport (SIS), a London-based sports nutrition company with brands such as SiS and PhD, underwent a review by its new team of executives. The assessment revealed that SIS’s previous focus on rapid expansion had led to poor strategic decisions and an overly complex organizational structure.

Following the departure of former CEO Stephen Moon due to a life-threatening accident, Dan Wright was appointed as chairman and assumed an executive role. Upon taking up his position, Wright prioritized addressing the company’s financial challenges and reassessing its growth strategy. Several cost-cutting measures were implemented, including renegotiating overseas distribution agreements, terminating certain marketing contracts, and streamlining operations. These actions are predicted to result in £2.5 million in cost savings despite a slight decline in overall sales from £62.8 million to £61.2 million last year. Despite this setback, SIS managed to achieve adjusted earnings of £2 million – a significant improvement from the previous year’s loss of £2.7 million – thanks to these efforts.

SIS has also formed a partnership with prominent long-distance runner Eilish McColgan, who aims to secure a medal at the upcoming Paris Olympics in 2024 while representing Scotland once again. This strategic shift towards controlled growth and profitability is expected to boost revenue projections for 2024 while doubling underlying EBITDA and reducing net debt levels significantly. Consequently, SIS’s AIM-traded shares experienced a slight dip by 4% to 16p following this announcement.

In conclusion, SIS has faced some financial difficulties but has made significant improvements under new leadership and a revised strategy focused on profitability rather than rapid expansion. With their successful partnership with McColgan and projected revenue growth for 2024, SIS is well positioned for continued success in the sports nutrition market.

By Samantha Johnson

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