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SRS-Backed Team Wins Spot in DOE’s National Science Bowl

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 19, 2024
SRS-Backed Team Wins Spot in DOE’s National Science Bowl

Volunteers from multiple SRS contractors participate in various roles, such as judges, scorekeepers, moderators, and timekeepers, during the regional tournament held each year. Connie Yung, an engineering recruiter for EM liquid waste contractor Savannah River Mission Completion, has been volunteering and supporting the competition as a moderator for over a decade. She aims to inspire students to pursue careers in STEM fields, just as they inspire her with their energy and intensity. Yung is motivated by watching students who are much younger than her answer challenging questions, which is why she continues to come back year after year.

Teams from different parts of the United States must win one of the 65 regional tournaments in order to qualify for the National Science Bowl. More than 344,000 students have competed in the National Science Bowl finals throughout the years. The main objectives of SRS outreach programs are to boost students’ interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. These programs utilize unique resources available on the site to help enhance education in the Central Savannah River Area.

For more information about the DOE Savannah River Regional Science Bowl, click here.

By Samantha Johnson

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