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Steve Jobs’ autographed business card recently fetched an impressive $181,183 in sale

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 23, 2024
Steve Jobs’ autographed business card recently fetched an impressive $181,183 in sale

Recently, RR Auction closed the sale of a piece of Apple memorabilia that has created quite a buzz. The item in question was a business card signed by none other than Steve Jobs himself. This card, which featured the Apple Computer name along with the old Apple logo, fetched an astonishing $181,183. This begs the question: what else could you buy with that much money? To put it into perspective, you could purchase 181 iPhone 15 Pro Max devices. However, purchasing a signed business card from Steve Jobs is a unique investment in itself.

The Steve Jobs business card that was sold was described as being in “virtually perfect” condition. This rarity contributed to its high selling price. RR Auction highlighted that they had only ever sold 10 cards directly signed by Steve Jobs, with just one dating back to 1983, just like the card that was recently sold. The exceptional condition of the card is further emphasized by its PSA/DNA grade of “GEM MT 10,” which signifies that every aspect of the card is perfectly preserved, from the sharp corners to the original gloss.

The exclusivity and pristine condition of this Steve Jobs business card are what set it apart from other pieces of memorabilia. According to the auction company, fewer than five Jobs-signed Apple Computer business cards have successfully passed PSA/DNA authentication. It’s clear that there is a strong market for items associated with the late Apple co-founder, as evidenced by the high prices fetched by previous Jobs’ memorabilia, such as signed cheques.

For most people, it’s hard to imagine spending such a substantial sum of money on a business card. However, for the lucky buyer of this particular item, it serves as not only an impressive collector’s item but also as an instant conversation starter. The allure of owning a piece of history connected to one of the most influential figures in the tech industry is undeniable.

By Samantha Johnson

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