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Study Reveals: Livestock Industry Disseminates Misleading Information on Climate Change

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 13, 2024
Study Reveals: Livestock Industry Disseminates Misleading Information on Climate Change

A recent study co-authored by a professor at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School has revealed how the cattle industry has infiltrated academia to downplay its contribution to climate change and promote junk science. Professor Jeniffer Jacquet highlighted how industry-funded initiatives within academic institutions have spread misinformation and obstructed meaningful action on climate change mitigation in the animal agriculture sector.

In a recent article in the journal Climatic Change, Jacquet and research scholar Viveca Morris from Yale Law School presented their findings. They discussed how the livestock industry’s impact on climate change was detailed in the 2006 United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization report “Livestock’s Long Shadow.” This report was the first global assessment of animal agriculture’s role in human-caused warming, land degradation, air pollution, water shortage, and loss of biodiversity.

The study also highlighted how funding from the cattle industry has supported collaborations with academic researchers to create a false scientific dispute that shifts blame away from cattle production. The research evaluated the origins, funding sources, and activities of academic centers and researchers in this field, emphasizing the need for transparency in academic-industry partnerships.

Morris emphasized that the animal agriculture industry is a significant contributor to the climate crisis, yet livestock greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, one of the largest producers and consumers of meat and dairy products, remain largely unregulated. The study calls for more accountability and regulation in the industry to address the climate impact of animal agriculture.

By Samantha Johnson

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