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Study: Women experiencing health-related social needs are less inclined to receive mammograms

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 9, 2024
Study: Women experiencing health-related social needs are less inclined to receive mammograms

A report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on April 9 revealed that women with health-related social needs such as food insecurity, housing instability, and lack of transportation were less likely to have received a mammogram in the past two years in 2022. The study found that only 66% of women aged 50-74 with at least three health-related social needs were up to date with their mammograms, compared to 83% of women with no health-related social needs. Mammography use was also lower among women who lacked health insurance and a usual source of care.

Dr. Debra Houry, the Chief Medical Officer at the CDC, emphasized the importance of addressing health-related social needs in order to help women access the mammograms they need. She highlighted the need for coordination between health care providers, social services, community organizations, and public health to help address these needs and improve breast cancer screening efforts. This collaborative approach could ultimately help save lives and prevent tragic losses for families affected by breast cancer.

The American Hospital Association (AHA) offers resources to help hospitals address the social determinants of health in their communities. By working together to identify and address health-related social needs, healthcare organizations can make a meaningful impact on improving access to essential screenings like mammograms and ultimately improve health outcomes for women across the country.

By Samantha Johnson

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