• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Surprising Police Crackdown: Slovenian Offenders Discovered Purchasing Sexually Abusive Content Online


Nov 21, 2023

Croatian police have seized over 50 digital devices from eight suspects in a thorough investigation into child pornography. The aim of the investigation is to determine the number of crimes committed, whether the suspects shared photos with child pornography, and how they obtained the photos. One suspect has already been arrested as part of an international operation “Mosaic.” Meanwhile, Slovenian authorities have arrested eight citizens on suspicion of sexually abusing children and minors over the internet. The suspects are believed to have accessed dark web links and used cryptocurrency to make purchases while concealing their identities. The Montenegrin police also conducted an operation called “Temid,” which aimed to protect minors and prevent the exchange or distribution of pornographic material created by them.

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