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T-Systems and Corent Technology Form a Cloud Partnership

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 2, 2024
T-Systems and Corent Technology Form a Cloud Partnership

T-Systems has recently entered into a multi-year partnership agreement with Corent Technology, following a rigorous vendor selection process to identify the best technology for driving digital transformation in the DACH market and beyond. T-Systems International is a specialized IT service provider for business customers and a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG. They offer a wide range of services including advisory services, cloud services, and digital solutions with a strong focus on security.

The partnership with Corent Technology is aimed at helping customers understand and embrace cloud services. T-Systems is excited to work with Corent as they value the team’s commitment to meeting security and data management requirements. Similarly, Corent sees the partnership with T-Systems as a privilege and has already embarked on successful projects together. The collaboration between T-Systems consultants and Corent product specialists is proving highly effective.

Through this partnership, T-Systems customers gain comprehensive insights into cloud computing, with options for major public cloud providers as well as hybrid and private cloud solutions. Digital transformation is achieved through migration and modernization processes. This collaboration enables T-Systems to deliver cutting-edge IT solutions at a pace that aligns with their customers’ needs and preferences.

Overall, the partnership between T-Systems and Corent Technology is expected to accelerate digital transformation efforts for businesses in the DACH market and beyond. The alignment of expertise and resources from both companies ensures that customers receive tailored solutions for their cloud computing needs.

By Samantha Johnson

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