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Tammy and Phil Murphy’s Local Meeting Leaves Democratic Party Members Disappointed: The Battle for New Jersey’s Senate Seat Intensifies


Feb 10, 2024
Murphy World in Chaos – Insider NJ

Tammy and Phil Murphy attended a meeting at the Portuguese Club of Long Branch, but they left the meeting hall with a negative outcome that was witnessed by a long-time observer of state politics. Andy Kim won the Monmouth Democratic convention by a good margin of 265 to 181 in the Murphys’ home county. In her speech to Monmouth Dems, Tammy Murphy emphasized more energy and directness compared to previous campaign speeches, expressing her local ties and community involvement.

The first lady previously said that a woman is better suited to fight for certain causes and proclaimed that the Senate needs “more ticked off moms.” Rep. Frank Pallone addressed the convention as a Murphy supporter, offering reasons to endorse her, such as her residence in the county and the need for more women in the Senate. However, the main criticism against Tammy Murphy is that she represents a special interest based on her husband’s political power and influence.

After the Murphys left the meeting, Andy Kim spoke to reporters declaring his campaign to have momentum and energy. The bellwether outcome was evident, and Kim’s statement was met with agreement from many listeners.

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