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Teacher Thrives in the Classroom Despite Higher-Paying Work-From-Home Job Offer

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
Navigating Normalcy: A Day in the Life of a Teacher During a School Lockdown

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Hana Boscarino, a high school science teacher in Avondale, Ariz., faced an exciting opportunity last year when she was offered a higher-paying job with work-from-home days, among other benefits. However, she chose to stay in her classroom despite the temptation. Her students were the reason for her decision. She cherished the moments of seeing them solve a physics problem for the first time, validating their negative emotions around science and empowering them to overcome them, and watching them walk across the stage and collect their diplomas each year.

The new national data on teaching profession and vivid reporting from classrooms are featured in our exclusive report. Education Week spent a day with Boscarino as part of our annual project, The State of Teaching. She shared how even the worst days in her classroom were filled with triumphs because of her students. “Even the worst days in my classroom, I can think back to so many moments on that same day that were amazing because of my students,” she said. This project highlights what it means to be an educator today.

On that particular day, Boscarino experienced both highs and lows. While it included many high points that she described, it also had a school lockdown – her first one that wasn’t a preannounced drill. In just seconds, she raced through a mental checklist to ensure everyone was safe and out of sight from what seemed like an imminent threat. Then it was announced over the PA system that it was a false alarm caused by a button randomly going off. Boscarino quickly reassured her students and pivoted back to business as usual – just another day in the life of an educator in America.

By Samantha Johnson

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