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Teachers utilize solar eclipse as a teaching opportunity for students to learn about science

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 9, 2024
Teachers utilize solar eclipse as a teaching opportunity for students to learn about science

The total solar eclipse on Monday was a highly anticipated event in parts of America, with millions of people traveling to various locations across the country to witness it. Minnesota experienced about 80% of the eclipse, but unfortunately, many were unable to see it due to cloudy weather.

Despite the weather conditions, two local science teachers at Dakota Meadows seized the opportunity to turn the day into a valuable learning experience for their students. They incorporated the eclipse into their lessons, allowing students to chart its path, study the planets, and watch a live feed of the eclipse happening elsewhere in the country.

The students, already interested in outer space, were thrilled to expand their knowledge through this unique event. The teachers aimed to not only teach about the eclipse but also to inspire a love of science, outer space, and learning that will benefit the students in the long run.

Even though some missed out on seeing the eclipse in person, the teachers ensured that the students were engaged and excited about the natural phenomenon. They emphasized the importance of curiosity and encouraged the students to continue exploring the world around them. This hands-on learning experience was a memorable and valuable opportunity for all involved.

By Samantha Johnson

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