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Tesla plans to introduce robotaxi in August

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 6, 2024
Tesla plans to introduce robotaxi in August

The American car manufacturer Tesla is gearing up to unveil its first self-driving taxi on August 8, according to an announcement made by Tesla boss Elon Musk on his social networking site. Musk’s post caused Tesla’s shares to increase by 6 percent after the New York stock exchange closed. The idea of self-driving cars acting as taxis when not in use has been suggested by Musk as a way to maximize their utility.

Despite the excitement surrounding the robotaxi, there have been concerns about its safety among authorities and the public. Tesla has faced challenges in the first quarter of the year with disappointing sales results and stiff competition in markets such as China. Reports earlier in the week that Tesla had halted plans for a cheaper electric car caused shares to dip, but Musk denied these reports and the value rose again.

The development of self-driving technology has been a key focus for Tesla, with Musk continuously highlighting the capabilities of their electric cars. As the company prepares to unveil the robotaxi, there is anticipation and skepticism surrounding its potential impact on the market. Tesla’s ability to overcome challenges and deliver on its promises will be closely watched as the date of the unveiling approaches.

By Samantha Johnson

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