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The Arctic on the Brink: Countdown to an Ice-Free Future and the Impacts of Climate Change

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 7, 2024
In the Next Few Years, the Arctic Could See Its First Summer Days Without Ice

The Arctic Ocean is known for its vast ice cover that covers a significant portion of the region during winter months. However, this ice has been steadily melting due to global warming, leaving less and less ice cover each year. Scientists estimate that the Arctic could be “ice-free” in September, when it reaches its minimum extent at the end of summer. This does not mean that there will be no ice, but rather an area with less than one million square kilometers of ice cover, only 20 percent of the average minimum cover in the 1980s.

Such conditions would have many effects, from increasing warming by reducing the heat-reflecting capacity of white ice to coastal erosion and putting pressure on wildlife such as polar bears. New species of fish may move into the Arctic Ocean, and there could be an increase in human activities such as maritime transport.

A study by the University of Colorado Boulder analyzed existing data on sea ice movement predictions and sea ice coverage data from climate models to see how the Arctic could change on a daily basis in the future. The earliest daily ice-free occurrence is expected to occur four years earlier than for the whole of September and could happen 10 or more years earlier under scenarios with high greenhouse gas emissions. The Arctic could often be ice-free in September between 2035 and 2067 under scenarios with high greenhouse gas emissions. A slight delay is possible for scenarios with lower emissions.

Under medium emissions scenario, the Arctic could remain ice-free only from August to October, and under highest level of emissions, minimal ice conditions could be present for up to nine months a year by the end of this century. If temperatures drop suddenly, scientists say that sea

By Samantha Johnson

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