• Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

The Biden Effect: Restoring NATO’s Strength and Stability Under Experienced Leadership


Feb 11, 2024
Encouraging Russia to Invade NATO Countries: Will Trump ‘Sell’ the Allies?

The White House has strongly condemned the actions of President Trump against NATO while he was in office. “Thanks to President Biden’s experienced leadership, NATO is now the largest and most vital it has ever been,” said spokesman Andrew Bates. According to Bates, American nationalism, global stability and our domestic economy are all benefiting from Biden’s leadership.

While Trump did not take any real steps against NATO while he was in the White House, there are fears that if he is re-elected, he could damage the core of the alliance and encourage Russian President Vladimir Putin to try military moves against his neighbors. In response to these fears, European countries have called for strengthening the military capabilities of the European Union as a backup in case of loss of American support.

In addition to his actions against NATO, Trump also came out against foreign aid budget proposals currently being debated in Congress, including $14.1 billion in security aid to Israel and $60.1 billion to Ukraine. At Trump’s direction, Republicans continue to block the approval of aid on these grounds. However, Ivo Daehler, who was the US ambassador to NATO under President Barack Obama, warned that this may not be enough to prevent Trump from reducing or completely stopping his commitment to NATO if he is re-elected.

During a rally last week, Trump also came out against foreign aid budget proposals currently being debated in Congress. He also defended Michael Flynn’s decision not to accept a plea deal for lying about his contacts with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign by tweeting that Flynn “understood nothing about serving our country.”

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