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The Biggest Bounce House in the World is Coming back to DC this May

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 13, 2024
The Biggest Bounce House in the World is Coming back to DC this May

Get ready to bounce this May and June with the return of Big Bounce America to Fort Washington’s Rosecroft Raceway. As the largest touring inflatable event in the world, Big Bounce America is sure to provide a day of fun and excitement for all ages. From May 25 to June 9, visitors can enjoy the massive 24,000 square foot bounce house, complete with a live DJ, basketball hoops, slides, ball pits, competitions, and even a bubble area.

One of the main attractions is “The Giant,” which boasts over 50 unique obstacles on the world’s largest inflatable obstacle course. For those looking for something new, OctoBlast offers a deep-sea-themed experience with giant inflatable octopus and pufferfish to dance around. Sports enthusiasts can test their skills at Sport Slam, filled with various balls, bouncy challenges, and a climbing zone. AirSPACE, an alien-themed attraction, includes friendly aliens, planets, spaceships, and moon crater ball pits.

Ticket options range from Toddler Sessions for children 3 years old and younger, to Junior Sessions for those 7 years old and younger, to Bigger Kids Sessions for ages 15 and under, and even Adult Only Sessions for ages 16 and older. Each ticket includes a dedicated time slot for the World’s Biggest Bounce House and unlimited access to the four other inflatable attractions. Don’t miss your chance to bounce around and have a blast at Big Bounce America this summer.

By Samantha Johnson

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