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The downfall of a traditional bookstore and toy shop due to financial troubles

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 21, 2024
The downfall of a traditional bookstore and toy shop due to financial troubles

A total of 26 employees and around 570 creditors are affected by the bankruptcies of Meritas Holding GmbH group of companies, which include Spieleparadies Handels GmbH, Bookstore W. Neugebauer GmbH, and Melanie Hofinger GmbH. The bankruptcies were mainly caused by rising costs that could not be passed on to customers, strong online competition, and other factors unique to each company.

Spieleparadies Handels GmbH specializes in toys, Bookstore W. Neugebauer GmbH has a traditional bookstore on Linz’s Taubenmarkt, and Melanie Hofinger GmbH trades in books and gifts at three locations in Linz, Mauthausen, and Eferding. Creditreform confirms that insolvency proceedings were filed for all four companies at the Linz Regional Court.

At Melanie Hofinger GmbH, accounting problems contributed to the insolvency. After changing tax advisors, significant errors in bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll were discovered, leading to negative equity and over-indebtedness. Consequently, the bookstore, as well as the three locations of Melanie Hofinger GmbH and the gaming paradise, are intended to be closed.

The financial situation of the companies is bleak, with Melanie Hofinger GmbH showing liabilities of around 1.9 million euros and a net loss of 514,500 euros, Bookstore W. Neugebauer GmbH estimating its loss at 453,300 euros, and Spieleparadies Handels GmbH putting liabilities at 388,300 euros and a balance sheet loss of 204,600 euros. The insolvency of these companies highlights the challenges faced by small businesses in a competitive market.

By Samantha Johnson

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