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The Economic Implications of LVMH’s Succession Crisis

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 24, 2024
The Economic Implications of LVMH’s Succession Crisis

Major conglomerates around the world are gradually transitioning to normal management practices, even if they were initially founded by entrepreneurs. Unlike companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon, where offspring of the founders are not involved in key roles, other companies like LVMH are taking a different approach. While most conglomerates are shifting towards professional managers chosen for their abilities, LVMH’s Arnault is placing his children in important positions, possibly grooming them to take over the company in the future.

Many entrepreneurs have appointed their children to senior positions within their companies, but having five children of Arnault’s battling for control is a different scenario altogether. The outcome of this family power struggle is uncertain, and with so much at stake, the consequences could be high. While regulators focus on other issues, the potential risk of turning LVMH into a family-run business could have serious repercussions on the French stock market and the wider European economy.

As demand for luxury goods in China slows down and uncertainties loom over the global economy, the internal dynamics within LVMH pose a significant threat. If Arnault’s plan to turn the conglomerate into a family fiefdom fails, it could have severe consequences beyond just the Arnault family’s fortune. The implications of one family’s power struggle within a major global conglomerate are far-reaching and could have detrimental effects on the stability of the financial markets.

By Samantha Johnson

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