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The economy performs better under Democratic administrations.

BySamantha Johnson

Apr 5, 2024
The economy performs better under Democratic administrations.

The economy performs significantly better during Democratic presidential administrations compared to Republican ones. Since 1949, there has been a Democratic advantage in key macroeconomic indicators such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth, job growth, unemployment rate, growth in inflation-adjusted wages, growth of market-based incomes per capita, inflation, and interest rates.

The Democratic advantage is evident across all variables measured, but it is strongest in private-sector outcomes. This is particularly true for business investment, job growth, and the growth of market-based incomes. Household income growth adjusted for inflation was faster and more equal on average during Democratic administrations, with the advantage showing up for every group.

These findings are crucial because many people may not be aware of the economic performance differences between Democratic and Republican administrations. Providing accurate economic information in a time of misinformation is essential for an informed citizenry.

By Samantha Johnson

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