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The Electric Snowmobile Revolution: How One Innovator is Transforming Street Sledding in Norway


Feb 12, 2024
Incorporating Modern Technology into Sled Design

The popularity of street sledding in Norway is slowly dwindling, but Justin, also known as Garage Avenger, had a different approach to revitalize the activity for the modern era. His idea was to equip a sled with powerful electric turbines that could quickly push passengers around the ice.

Justin decided to create an antique sled that would be suitable for child-sized passengers, and he replaced fuel-burning jet engines with electric motors that could spin their turbine blades at an impressive 80,000 rpm. The old sled needed some refurbishing, including removing rust from the runners and reconditioning the wood. Once everything was ready, Justin added 3D printed cowlings for the turbines, a thumb throttle on the upgraded handlebars, and a big battery with an Arduino to bring it all together.

The result was a powerful sled that easily got its passengers up to the 20-30 kph range depending on weight and size. The sled also had an emergency brake built on an old ice skate and became a huge hit at the skating pond. However, there are plenty of other ways to spruce up old sleds too. For example, adding a suspension system can allow riders to rocket down unplowed roads at high speeds.

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