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The Enigma of Methane Emissions: A Continuing Puzzle

BySamantha Johnson

Mar 14, 2024
The Enigma of Methane Emissions: A Continuing Puzzle

Contrails are thin clouds that planes produce when they fly, and minimizing contrails can lead to less warming. Changing flight paths can help reduce the amount of contrail formation. For more information on this topic, check out the latest article from James Temple.

In other climate news, new rules from the US Securities and Exchange Commission have been watered down, hindering efforts to make companies address the dangers of climate change. Heat pumps are a more environmentally friendly option for heating, even if they are connected to a grid that relies on dirty energy sources. Rivian has announced its new R2, a small SUV that will be available for sale in 2026, signaling a move towards mass-market vehicles for the brand.

Toyota has been successful in selling hybrid vehicles rather than fully electric ones. Scientists are exploring the potential of azolla, tiny aquatic plants that can capture carbon and fix nitrogen, as a sustainable crop and biofuel option. New York is taking legal action against the world’s largest meat company for making false claims about producing emissions-free meat by 2040.

A massive fire in Texas has destroyed hundreds of homes, with climate change exacerbating dry conditions that led to the intense fire. Many of the homes destroyed in the blaze are uninsured, posing challenges for recovery efforts.

By Samantha Johnson

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